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Unlock Your Investment PotentialInvesting is never easy and the financial services industry has done a poor job of educating individuals and clients. Investing isn’t difficult, but successful investing requires a certain amount of preparation that many individual investors do not know how to conduct on their own.

Individual investors want to learn how to manage their money independently and very few resources are available at a reasonable cost. The frustrations of investors is evident in the industry through the growth of passive investment vehicles such as index mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) as individual investors depart from professional management and move towards managing their own money.

At Triage Capital Management Incorporated we believe that your portfolio of investments should be built on a foundation of fundamentals for both the short and long term. As your portfolio grows over time each investor wants to ensure that their wealth increases in both size and stability.

Financial services firms often provide solutions to their clients by simply giving them the missing piece of a puzzle.  At Triage Capital Management we are committed to creating solutions with our clients that they need on a person to person basis.  This approach ensures that the needs of our clients are met 100% and tailored exclusively for their use and individual situation.

With our company you invest your own money because no one will ever handle your money like you will. We are committed to creating sustainable relationships with every client that are built on trust, have no conflict of interest and full disclosure.

Our company focuses on providing the tools necessary to increase your independence through knowledge and education as the basis of learning. We do not invest for you, but instead give you the resources to invest on your own with your money.

Our client services allow you to:

  • Assess every perspective of your financial situation; our 3600 Situational AnalysisTM
  • Identify risks in all investments and your individual risk tolerance
  • Focus on your education and understanding of investing practices
  • Concentrate on effective asset allocation and diversification of your portfolio
  • Develop a commitment and plan for Saving on a Schedule
  • Provide the tools and resources for you to conduct your own research in the future
  • Help you build the portfolio that you can succeed with
  • Focus on the fundamentals of investing and conservative growth over time
  • Learn the patience required for long-term investing success

I’ve taught businesses and investors for over five years how to identify risk, develop a plan and look beyond the barriers that the financial services industry throws up to discourage investors from managing their own money. I am committed to ensuring that Triage Capital Management provides every client with a zero conflict of interest assessment of your financial situation and provides you with the tools to manage your finances better. My belief is that the best investment decisions are made when an individual considers their risk tolerance and are adequately informed. Knowledge is the foundation of successful investing and our focus is allowing you to succeed with your money.”

Triage Capital Management President, Brad Ferris.


Investor Services

Investor Services

Triage Capital Management Incorporated