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Value RulesTM

Risk versus reward is a delicate balance. Diversification is fundamental, but how does an investor diversify their assets Our Value RulesTM are an extensive collection of tools that have won considerable praise in identifying, assessing and evaluating key operational strengths of businesses for business owners and individual investors.  By taking an unconventional approach to assessing a business from multiple perspectives our Value RulesTM can identify opportunities for growth for all our clients.  Presented as concepts on Triaging My Way To Financial Success Brad has demonstrated on a number of occasions the applications of each rule to successful business and investing practices.

Our Value RulesTM include:

  • 5% Rule
  • The $1 Customer
  • Never Compete on Price
  • Do What You Do Best
  • If it don’t make dollars, it won’t make ¢ents
  • 30% Today versus 50% Tomorrow
  • Customers or Clients
  • The Importance of Brands
Triage Capital Management Incorporated