Triage Capital Management Incorporated

TCM Income PortfolioTM

At Triage Capital Management Inc. we provide two key areas of expertise to individual or institutional investors:

  • Investor Education
  • Portfolio Construction

One of our most popular products is our TCM Income PortfolioTM for investors interested in creating an advanced and diversified portfolio of investments that distributes tax efficient income and grows over time with a focus on risk. The main benefit of this portfolio is the individual flexibility it offers to each client for addressing your unique needs for income now and in the future.

The portfolio invests in a balance of fixed income and equities that are dependent on your age, risk tolerance, need for income and time horizon. The portfolio invests in bonds (government, corporate and real-return), preferred shares, common equities and cash.

If you’re an investor interested in constructing a portfolio you can manage on your own that provides improved flexibility in meeting your income needs than the TCM Income PortfolioTM could be the solution to your short and long term investing concerns.

Triage Capital Management Incorporated