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3600 Situational AnalysisTM

Learn How To View Your Situation From Every DirectionThe business environment and investing landscape are continuously changing for our clients. For a business or investor to assess their surroundings from a 3600 perspective is an important challenge that we intend to meet.

Triage Capital Management offers every client the opportunity to experience our unique 3600 Situational AnalysisTM that provides a critical assessment of your current business or investment position.

For Businesses: through our SWOT and PEST assessments we identify and match your internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with all external political, economical, social and technological hurdles. Add in our competitive analysis and target market identification and you have a powerful tool that allows your business to anticipate and navigate any difficult business environment.

For Investors: identifying quality investments can be one of the most difficult tasks any investor undertakes. We provide two options for individual investors:

  • A situational analysis of your current portfolio, personal finances and investment plan
  • An individual stock analysis for any potential investment (stock, bond, mutual fund or ETF) you are planning to invest in
Triage Capital Management Incorporated