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Brad FerrisBrad Ferris
Triage Capital Management Incorporated

Brad Ferris is best known as author of the investment website Triage Investing Blog where he has published an extensive collection of authoritative investment content since the site was launched in May of 2006.

Upon completion of a graduate diploma in Business Administration Marketing in 2004, Brad pursued his Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at The University of Western Ontario while continuing to own and operate Triage Capital Management on a part-time basis.  Presently he operates Triage Capital Management apart from his healthcare career.

While investing independently over the past eighteen years Brad has developed a truly unique perspective on equity markets, security analysis and fundamentals of portfolio construction that combine his education, personal and professional experiences into a productive and successful approach. His ability to critically assess companies can be seen both in his writing and professional experiences where he applies his knowledge for the benefit of his readers and clients.

Whether working with a small business owner or group of individual investors Brad’s focus continues to be on achieving results through education and the proper identification of risk while exhibiting effective leadership in every endeavour.

His Value Rules, authored content, track record and remaining components of the TCM ToolboxTM help to demonstrate the strong foundation that Triage Capital Management has been built upon.

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